Grace’s Mom

Today I introduced the newest member of our family, Grace Louise, to my Good Day LA family and all of you. I’ve had many TV accomplishments in my life but I have never been prouder than today when I was introduced as “Grace’s Mom”.

Gracie Newborn

I have had so much fun sharing my pregnancy & now my little girl with all of you. Your well wishes & outpouring of support has meant the world.My husband and I just can’t believe Grace belongs to us & we get to keep her forever. Motherhood is beyond my wildest dreams. I have never felt so blessed and so grateful in my whole life.

Adoring Parents

I’m enjoying my time off so I can just love on my sweet little angel & hang out in our PJs all day! But I’ll be back to work in a few weeks! If I didn’t have so much stinkin’ fun at GDLA & love my co-workers SO much…I’d  be tempted to stay home forever! But something tells my all of these beautiful girly outfits aren’t going to pay for themselves!

I’ll be in touch! I’m not far away. I’m updating all the time in all the usual places. Just think of all of the fun projects & adventures Gracie & I will get into!

Now back to my most important job today & everyday….being “Grace’s Mom”.

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