It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a mermaid?!?

When your 3 year old decides that the entire family should be superheroes you totally oblige! And by oblige I mean start buying everything I see on Amazon that’s superhero” related. (I must confess, it was more of an “Amazon Prime Halloween” than a “Pinterest Halloween” & I’m TOTALLY cool with that!) I even went to real stores! Like, the ones where you have to get out of your car & go inside & talk to humans…..ON Halloween!!! I ran around like a crazed lunatic making sure we all had our proper accessories! Done!!! Our costumes were complete. We were going to be the best superhero family this side of Krypton!

So, now it’s trick or treat time & we’re all set. (This is it! Don’t get scared now!!) The bat mobile is packed, costumes are on, Grace is totally owning Rite Aid’s finest Batman costume, Superman is secured in his tiny car seat, Spidey is at the wheel & Wonder Woman is feeling prettttty good about life/ like she may have real superpowers when the unthinkable..err…the inevitable happens! Batman is crying! Noooooo!! Grace decides she absolutely must change out of her Batman costume at once! Oh the humanity!!!!! She returns moments later…proud as punch…in a poofy, shiny, PINK mermaid costume. Inside, the theme lover in me was crushed, pulverized, dying a slow death. BUT on the outside Wonder Woman smiled & said ” Wow! That’s awesome!!”. I think this right here is what they call “motherhood”. I had to laugh. Who doesn’t love a PLOT TWIST?!?

So, this is how we became the family of superheroes & a happy little mermaid.


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