In Defense of Barbie



Every so often it happens..and here we go again! People gang up and blame the world’s problems on the sweet, loveable and hard working…Barbie!

Of all the babes in toyland I have no idea why poor Barbie takes so much heat!

First they say she’s too thin, too sexy, to full of make-up and now….wait for it….she will crush your children’s dreams. Yes folks,  apparently an 11.5  inch plastic doll can ruin lives.

What’s a girl to do?

The latest attack comes from a new report out of Oregon State University that says girls ages five to seven who played with barbies had suppressed career ambitions.(Granted it was a very small study with only a small group of girls. People usually leave that part out.)

Researchers in this study found the toy that encouraged individuality, confidence and equality was…MRS. POTATO HEAD. Mrs. Potato head? Really? Come ON people. No disrespect to the spud but the poor thing is so lost that half the time her nose is where her eye should be. It’s no contest.

Want to talk ambition? What other woman do you know that has over 130 careers on her resume? I dare you to name another gal who’s been a surgeon, a vet, an aerobics instructor, and run for president! She’s gone to the moon for crying out loud! She’s also mastered one of the toughest jobs of all… motherhood. She’s given birth to countless children including, Skipper. No easy task when your lady parts are made out of plastic! All this while looking great, taking care of a dream house and being a loving wife to Ken. So there.

Girl works her plastic butt off. Stop bullying Barbie!

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