Valentine’s Day DIY


It’s Valentine’s Day! Time to step it up! It’s those sweet little touches that can make the day extra special!

A great way to add a romantic touch to your champagne bucket. Impress your guests at a party or for a Valentine’s dinner for 2!

Use a muffin tin for your floral cubes. It’s something you probably already have in your cabinet & it makes the cubes more substantial. This is the time to show off!

Place flower buds, petals, greenery…whatever you have in the tin. There are no rules! Cover with water and freeze.

Don’t worry if the water doesn’t cover the flower or it floats. It actually looks cooler if the bud is popping out of the cube.

Let cubes sit at room temp for a few minutes so you can flip over tin and they’ll pop right out!

If you don’t have a fancy pants wine bin ( I don’t ) you can just use a big clear bowl. It actually displays your ice cubes better.

Plop in your wine/champagne and admire your fabulousness!

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